Blows white smoke/steam out oil breather?

Hello all, I need help I have a 2000 yz426 which most of you probably already know because of my tons of questions I ask about it but her goes another one,

Ok I just learned how to ride a track so i stead of fast paced single track I usually ride I've been kinda hooked on the local mx track any ways I went out there after work today and road the track it's a real mello track no whoops or tripples it's all table tops and little step downs but any ways

I road for about 3 hours today with about 10 minutes on the track 5ish off give or take my trail tech vapor said was always between 170 and 195 I watch it pretty religiously because I just put a new piston in it because I got her too hot.....

So after riding about 2 hours I watched some guy fall so I turned around and made sure her was ok and continued to BS with him and when I went to start it I thought I was seeing things when I kicked her over white smoke/steAm came out of the bottom of the engine but she fired up second or third kick like always so I didn't think any thing of it but when I was loading the bike an hour later I happen to kick it over and see the smoke again so I investigated.... It was comming out the vent hose out of the valve cover.... So I slowly kicked it over and every kick a puff came out but then she fired right up, and the smoke went away while running..... So I killed it and checke the oil when I unscrewed the dip stick a little tiny bit of this whit stuff came out the oil tank.. So now I'm totally confused but the oil was except an level(about 3/4 up between low and full on the dipstick if not 7/8) please help this have me stupped thanks in advance tomorrow I'm going to pressure wash the mud off and ill do some more investigating

Oh ps I did wash out about 15-20 min befor I noticed the white smoke the bike laid over on its right side(kick starter side) and ran for about 8 seconds befor I jumped up off the ground and killed it

It's normal, in most cases. The smoke is hot oil and crankcase vapors being pushes out as the piston moves down in the cylinder. If you aren't loosing coolant and aren't using a lot of oil, and the oil isn't being contaminated in some way by the coolant, there's nothing to be concerned about.

Cool thank you so much grey I apreciate it alot

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