need help yz426 issues

I have a 2000 yz426 that's driving me nuts when I got it it started it did run rough it was hesitant and would die if I let it idle for a couple seconds I then I found the timing chain tensioner unscrewed on the outside I tightened it well now it will not start at all it won't even try also doesn't really feel like there is much compression please help if u can

If the chain tentioner was too loose one or both of your cams probably skiped a tooth or more just pull your valve cover and look in your manual on putting the timing back to spec. Or you tube it.... Either or it's really simple I've done mine befor just hope it didn't come too far out to where your piston made contact with one of your valves

I did that how it sits I have the exhaust cam with the cam mark just below the top of the head and the intake is just above does that sound right I tried getting them equal but they just don't line up when its tdc could it be a jetting issue or valve adjustment

And when I pulled the cover off to check after I noticed the tensioner it didn't jump at all

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