Flatland racing speedo eliminator?

Hello does anyone have a pic of a flatland racing speedo eliminator on the bike?? I would like a pic preferably as close to the installed part as possible. I want to see the space between the fork and where the spacer starts. On the brake side the spacer is actually touching the fork and on the other side the spacer has a space where u can see the axle that seems excessive to me. I did not look at what the factory one really looked like before i removed it (like an idiot)..


This is what mine looks like


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totally normal! Been running that product on my 07-013 wr`s! Just be sure you align the bottom of the fork tubes by stroking them a few times before you torque the pinch bolts.

Thanks brother thats what i dd when i put it together. So yours looks excactly like that? Thanks again and sorry for the stupid questions, I just do not want to find out i did it wrong going balls out at the ranch.

That is exactly how they are supposed to mount.

Thanks for the responses i appreciate it.


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