very strange headpipe

I was riding at Hollister SVRA last weekend and saw a 426 with what looked like a dual exhaust headpipe like a honda xr400. It was literally 2 pipes, then they went into the silencer. It looked like a big gun tailpipe but had no logo or sticker. The whole camp saw it so i'm not going crazy. My friend works at a honda/yamaha parts department and never saw one before. Does anyone run such a pipe or heard of one? We only saw him one time going down the main road and he had his little boy riding behind so we got a long look at it but never saw him again. I really did see it and no I don't see ufo's off the back porch of my mobile.

Yeah that was a Big Gun system you saw. Headpipe to tailpipe probably. The headpipe was called the Big Gun SDS system that was flogged a few years back. The SDS acyronym meant "single dual single" to denote the configuration of the pipe. Alledgedly, the design was to improve low end torque with the two smaller diameter headpipe(s)

I remember hearing of many complaining that it came too close to their gas tanks for their liking.

Did it work? I can't say although Big Gun does not seem to be advertising any longer. Try asking Mike over at Big Gun.


Thanks Fershy I thought I was going crazy/crazier for a moment.

I think I have the old dirt rider from a couple of yrs ago with all the diff aftermarket pipes for the 400f.

I t was cool.

all the hp gains and costs etc all w/pix!

I will see if i can find it.

maybe I can post a pix of it. :)

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