A couple of weeks ago I found a thread on putting a KTM muffler on a WR. There were even pictures... I am not even sure if it was ThumperTalk. Of coarse this is the ONLY sight on the web....Right?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanx in advance.


It's on in the thumper forum. Do a search on NVR FNSH as the author - I started the thread.


Brian, I must be stupid but I did the search on both NVR FNSH & KTM muffler and all I got was 0 matched topics.. Now what?


The following was found on DNR, May be what your looking for. Hope it helps. Ward

"check out

be patient while downloading and please ignore the mess seen in the background

(btw. i was too busy lately to cut off the

remaining unused EXC tab and to finish up

the load bearing one)

I had an 520 EXC muffler welded onto an Arrows pipe.

The pipe fits more or less nicely onto the stock header.

At first i tried to use a spring like attachment like KTM, but this proved too loose, as the WR offeres only one point to support the muffler, whereas the KTM has two.


up to mid rpms very stealth, no problems pull ing up to the traffic light near the cops at 2 AM. Beyond mid rpms the sound turns more into an XR600-w/out-baffle style, only less noisy.

Biggest plus:

Better throttle response down low.

Biggest drawback:

Muffler need repacking

cost (incl. 20% Austrian sales tax!):

$240 EXC muffler

$100 Arrows stainless steel mid section

$50 welding

not counting the DIY sawing and rivetting"


Alaskan rider, '00 WR400FM, WR timing, air box lid removed,Throttle stop trimmed,Baffle removed, MSR skid plate, Works frame guards.


'00 Grizzly YFM600


The post was on 4/10 (or there abouts) in the Thumper Central Forum. I was going to post the link last night & my computer locked up. The webpage Ward posted is it.


Thanx guys, That was the thread I was looking for. My KTM muffler should be here tomorrow or Saturday, then it's cut and weld and make it fit. Wish me luck.


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