radiator level

can anyone tell how much fluid goes in the radiator of a 99 yz400 please. as i did not get a manuel with the bike & it keeps pissing out water as i think their is to much in it

With this bike just fill it up to the top. She will adjust the level to her needs. Most of them will blow off enough to put the level just above the radiator fins(or about 1/2 to 3/4 an inch below the neck). But if you are having a problem keeping that level then I would be looking at the radiator cap replacement and/or leak issue(O-Rings are known to go bad after some time)...

Mine was a failing cap(getting old and weak) and I replaced it now it stay at the level even during tight slow singletrack.

[ November 17, 2001: Message edited by: scottzx7rr ]

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