2000 YZ426 Leak Jet Question

Hi everyone,

So, I hate to bring this up since it appears that it has been beaten to death but I am having an issue with my bike.

I am having a hard time finding my leak jet on/in my carb. I've read everything I can find on locating it and I cannot find to save my life. I took a picture of the float bowl so maybe one of you can help me out.

The reason I am trying to find it is to do the DOC mod because I did the BK mod earlier tonight.


You're having trouble with that because there isn't one. The first YZ4xxF with a leak jet was the '05 450.

If it had one, it would be in the dimple you see at the bottom of the bowl, at 7:00 o'clock to the center jet well plug in your picture, directly above the hole at the bottom of the picture, directly right of the hole on the left edge.

OK. So no leak jet means no need to do the DOC mod then? I'm guessing since I don't have one the AP is always at full? My bike was a bear to cold start before I dug into it and found the valves were too tight. So I'm trying to get the carb all setup before I put it back on the bike.

If I'm correct I'll just replace the MJ, PJ, and needle with my new FMF ones and install the new AF screw too. Although I do think I need to replace my AP diaphragm because I found a small tear in it.

Of course I'll still have to set the AP timing and length.

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