Just bought 03 xr650.

Just got my 2003 xr650. I bet this thing will rip once it is uncorked. Even stock it felt a lot faster than my 400. :D:)

:thumbsup:Congrats! I know you will enjoy it! :)

Yeah, the 650R IS alot faster than the XR400, even stock. To me, it felt quite a bit faster. UNCORKED, however, you better get ready for some serious power! This bike is absurdly powerful at low revs after it's uncorked, and the mid-range power is very potent! So get ready to hang on.

Oh yeah, and it'll start a lot easier too, and won't overheat, after it's uncorked/jetted correctly.

Any bike that ISN'T trying to get out from under you is too slow in my opinion, and that's why I love the 650R! Too much is damn near enough, as one of the other members here always says. haha. Enjoy it !

Sounds good. I can't wait to uncork it! :)

You'll notice a huge difference w/ the uncorking! My Throttle was very touchy when it was stock. It seemed like I would roll on it slightly and then would kick in almost throwing me off.

The Throttle response after uncorking seems to be alot smoother and doesn't "kick in" halfway. The Power is always there and just seems to ride smoother. Oh yeah, and you'll be leaving HUGE trenches in the dirt behind you! I've had my bike a couple months and have almost worn out the stock tire :)

This bike absolutely rips when you're uncorked! Welcome to the "Club".


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