Wanted FMF 'Q' for YZ426

If anybody has one of these for sale, in reasonable condition, I'm buying! Drop me a line an let me know what you want for it.


Careful what you wish for. I had a FMF Q series pipe on my 99 YZF and wound up sending it back. My rear caliper put a dent in it because it doesn't come with the recessed area like the stocker. I also had an incurable exhaust leak at the header/ silencer junction, they don't use a gasket and the guy at FMF told me first to put thread tape on the joint. That didn't work so then he told me to put Hi temp sealant on it and that also blew out. I also found the mounting bracket was a huge pain in the butt, it's a 2 person deal getting it on the bike. I also felt you lose low end power. I wound up buying a BMP insert for my stock one. With 4 discs it was as quiet as the Q, but I am currently running it with 11 discs. The Q pipe is definitely quiet and the bike ran OK with it on, but the fit of the pipe was garbage. FMF said they were in the process of redesigning it because I wasn't the only one to have these problems. I would call them and see what they have done to remedy these problems before you buy one. If you do decide to buy one new, Hipersports had the best price, $239.


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