Starter Motor won't engage ('03 WR450)

Hey all,

I am trying to sort out why my starter motor will not crank over the bike ('03 WR450).

Brief history: A while back, my starter failed and I sent it out for repair - I also bought a new motor (which is coming in the mail sometime next week).

I got the repaired motor back and when I connect it to battery, it spins freely.

I re-assembled it onto the bike, made the electrical connections and tested. It spins fine - no nasty noises.

When I put the Starter Gear Assembly back on, and try to start the bike, I can hear the Starter Motor spinning, but the engine does not even try to crank.

I pulled out the '03 Starter Gear Assembly and replaced it with an '04 Starter Gear Assy, but the same thing happens.

If I understand the Maintenance Manual correctly and compare it to what I'm seeing, the Starter Idle Gear (in the Starter Gear Asembly) meshes with the Starter Clutch Drive Gear (under the side cover). When I remove the Starter Ger Assy., I can get my fingers on a few of the teeth on the Drive Gear and it spins in one direction. I suspect that's normal.

Here's my question/concern: I know very litte about electrric motors, but is it possible that it's spinning in the wrong direction? I don't understand why the engine is not even trying to crank over when the Starter Motor is working.

I don't think it matters, but I have the exhaust, gas tank and the Oil Delivery Pipe disconnected as I make these attempts.

I've gone through the troubleshooting steps in the manual and I think all the relays check out.

If anyone has any suggestions or can help out, feel free...



Answering my own thread...USPS delivered my new Starter Motor a couple of hours after I wrote the above. Slapped it on and it starts perfectly.

My guess is your repaired starter is turning backwards... easy mistake to make with these starter motors

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