My first bike forum

Was here in this particular sight.

I learned a lot about getting my '01 WR426 straightened out.

Made many friends along the way and had a bunch a BBQs.

This has been a peak year though, getting to work with Yamaha, Dr Rob Tuluie and Doug Henry.

Thanks for the good times guys, and BTW, Finally made 1K! :)

Right on SFO. I think I found DRN right before I found this one.

Good Lord I sure was stupid back then. :)

Congrats on the 1,000 posts, there have been many very good ones among them.

BTW, isn't it "dos centavos?" Dos pesos, that's like 18 cents.

:):D :D


this has got to be worth 18cents!

Sweet! And congrats!

Doug Henry is still the man, huh?

Watching him get second at vegas with a wrist that was cracked the week before would make that very true in my book.

He is very excellent at giving feedback for set-up too and is a pleasure to work with.

I never heard him [@#$%&!]/whine/or complain once.

he is a true professional.

doug henry is the man!southwick mafia!hes our favorite at the shop.i work with southwick natives.

which one is you in the pic?dont be shy!

I am farthest to the right.

Keith McKarty director of Yamaha Racing US is on the left of doug and Doug the Bridgestone tire guy is behind him in the red jacket.

Behing Doug to the right with the grey hair is Dr Rob Tuluie the owner and brainchild of the team, in front of him is Jason (Vuillemen and Ferrys mechanic), and then lil' ol' me.

that is great pic.treasure it! :)

That's a great picture. It's cool to see who the support crew is behind the rider. they sacrifice a lot to make a winning year. In most cases for very little. Congratulations.

Rob financed the team by putting a second mortage on his house.

He would fly me to the races to be crew chief.

The memories are all the compensation I received...

You mean people get paid to do this?

This is one of my favorite pics by the way.

Gonna be framed on my den wall some day.

I just wanted to thank the WR forum cause this was my first home for knowledge. :)

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