2010 yz450 wont start

Have a 2010 yz450 that will not start, ran earlier today to warm up the oil to change, started as it always does, turn off, drain the oil, replace the oil filter and change the air filter, re-fill with oil and try to start, will not fire at at all, curse, swear and try again, still no go, decide to connect yamaha powertuner to check for any code's, turn powertuner on and connect to bike, powertuner turns off, put new battery's in powertuner turn on and connect to bike, powertuner turns off as soon as its pluged into the bike. Has anyone had this problem or heard of this problem before?? Lifted fuel tank as i thought i may have kinked fuel line but ti was fine. Cheers Ash

measure if there is voltage build up at the capacitor when you kick

One thing you can try just to eliminate it is unplug the kill switch. Then see if it starts. I had one go bad. GOODLUCK

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