fork seals

Looks like I need to replace the fork seals in the bike I just bought,should I go Yamaha parts or are there other good choices out there?I'm gona have to buy the tools to do it or pay some shop,probably get the tools cheaper than the labor rate and will have them for future use.

For the money, the current OEM KYB/Yamaha seal as about as good as it gets. SKF does make an upgrade for around 3x the price, but the only advantage is reduced seal friction, which most people would not be able to notice while riding.

Not sure what year bike you have,but I use skf seals in my 08 yz450f, at least for me i have noticed they last longer, have had current ones in for a year with no leaks, with oem i would already would of had small leaks, and yes i clean under dust seals, i noticed with skf dust covers i find less dirt under them tan i did with oem. They are more expensive though, but i like them.

would it be a good idea to drill the free piston while I have it apart?

Go to U Tube look up fork rebuild it not hard at all instead of buying the fork seal installation tool a piece of PVC will work.

And for the fork seal bullet some use a plastic bag I use duct tape my self just make sure you clean all the glue off the fork tube after removing it from the tube I never had any issues my self with the glue from the tape slicking after peeling off the tape.

I made a tool to check the and suck out the oil out of the fork tube to get them where you want it.

Yes, drill the free piston per the instructions from SMART Performance.

A piece of PVC will "work", but not even close to like the real driver. Just buy one. OTOH, I use the bag the seal comes in as a seal bullet. Works perfectly well

Got everything ordered,seals,tools everything to do the job.While I was buying I also got a flywheel puller and a set of bar risers,now just have to wait for it all to arrive.

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