big tank fuel lines

I believe my big tank on my 04 is an Acerbis. I suppose it doesnt matter as I think most of the large capacity tanks for this bike have 2 fuel outlets. One has the stock petcock and the exhaust pipe side has a little brass fitting that screws into the bottom of the tank. Does anyone run an inline fuel shut off or do you just run it to a T to join both lines to the carb.

And what size fuel line do I get?

Yes you can run a second petcock.

It prevents you from having to stop and 'even out the fuel' in the tank from side to side.

The petcocks are available from multiple vendors, as is the standard 1/4" fuel line (eg: motorcycle superstore)

Thanks for responding

Is it a inline shut off?

Because I just have a little brass elbow that's screws into the bottom of the tank on the exhaust side and a regular stock petcock with 3 holes on the shifter side .

I measured out the exact capacity by pouring water into them both.

You would think because of size of the acerbis tank that it hold way more than the stocker. But not really. A quart maybe

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