Oil leak from clutch cable?

Lots of procrastinating on a repair I should have done months back. Now it is time to ride up here in Vermont and I need some help. On my last ride, in December, I lost the use of my clutch lever. Turns out the housing moved loose and melted on my exhaust. This was a surprise to me to see oil leaking out of what I thought was a cable connection not a hydraulic one. Is this an after market set up? My manual shows a cable here not hydraulic. How hard to replace with another hydraulic lever, or should I go back to a cable?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

So would pics

If you have a hydraulic clutch on your bike, there is a good chance its a Magura

They have plastic lines and stainless lines

Go on eBay and find the stainless hose and get the bleeder kit for it too.

Thanks MaxPower for the reply. It is the brand you mentioned. The whole assembly( clutch arm) is quite beat. It will start jamming up at times and has a ton of play in it. Think it best to replace the whole set up? Or just the cable?

Being stuck with no clutch on a ride is no fun.

Ktm has the hydraulic thing dialed . Aftermarket to me is a little more of an after thought. Not to say it can't work. It's just that you really have to desire a hydraulic clutch. If you want , buy a complete Magura if it's trashed. I believe they sell kits to rebuild. There aren't many parts to them. Or you can't go wrong buying a fresh cable and a perch/lever with hot start lever from eBay. There is a small bracket that holds the cable at the case you will need too

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