cr style front brake

does anyone know what all i need to route my front brake like a honda, can i just buy a honda line and fit it on there, or is there a company that makes a special line for the yz,thanks

ya, you have to replace the old brake line,i used a galfer front brake line, and just used one of the old guides on the fork guard as a clamp to hold it( safety wired it)...dsp sells a kit with a new holder that you rivet on the fork guard and a new front brake line, these are just 2 examples,

hope it helps! sells the kit, but to be honest... I bought one and the actual bracket fell off. Go ahead and buy the line from surfnturf but don't buy the kit. Take the stock clamp and drill two holes in the fork guard. Countersink the holes on the back side and put two flathead bolts through towards the front. Then simply put the stock clamp on and some lock nuts and you are done. The surfnturf guys are great and will ship the fastline immediately.

Hope this helps, if you need pictures, shoot me an email

-- Charles

Here are some pics I took of my routing on my CR style fastline:

The 1st pic is a guide to keep the cable far enough out so that the fork dont ruin it (it wasnt necessesary but I didnt want my brake line get ruined)

The 2nd pic you can see the 2 bolts going through the plastic fork guard, and you can see that the "jimmy rigged" guard I made bolts up to the same place as stock (it doesnt look pretty but it serves it purpose)

The 3rd pic shows how I relocated the bracket (that was at the bottom of the left fork leg) to the top of the fork guard. I just drilled 2 holes and found 2 bolts that would fit. If you get bolts that are too long they will rub your fender and eventually rip your fender up. I also cut the tabs off that used a hot glue gun the fill the holes in (works good and keeps dirt out)

Hope this helps,


An easier way is to just buy an OEM replacement line but in braided stainless, like what Moose Racing offers, add some DSP MX-Pro pads, and you will have "honda like" brakes for less than 90 bucks and a half hour of your time.

When I first grabbed my lever, I locked the front end up and almost crashed was SO MUCH STRONGER, I could not believe how much better it was. I had to actually go and move the lever farther in so I could not get as strong a pull on the lever.

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