11' WR450 Clutch issues?

It all started when I was replacing whatever was left to my levers on my bike earlier, they went on perfectly, with no struggles, until I tried to move the bike in gear.. For some reason, the clutch will not take the bike out of gear, It would lock up as if I never had the clutch pulled in. It rolls perfectly fine in neutral, but not in gear, the clutch feels the same as before, almost looks like the lever isn't pulling the cable enough? Never had this problem with the original levers.. Any ideas?

ALSO!.. I noticed that rental's front sprocket doesn't have the safety thingy where you bend the washer in to stop the bolt from moving.. Will I have to worry about the sprocket falling off? And do I leave the washer on? (Yes, I am a beginner to this..)


Use the old washer!

A cold clutch drags. It's normal.

Thanks for the fast reply! I'll run the bike tomorrow and see if it still drags.

Thanks again! :thumbsup:

You have to adjust the cable play for the clutch...I believe the manual states 1/4-3/8" end freeplay.

And, as Krannie mentioned, use the old washer. It has the spline cutout which will lock the nut once the tab is bent over.

Alright, so the clutch problem was just that I never had the bike running in a while, but the only thing that's scaring me is that the Rental front sprocket I received, doesn't have the spline thingy on it to bend the washer, like the stock one. Is this okay? I don't want it to come flying off while riding.

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