Shortened 99 WR400 Stock Kickstand, TAG Metals Top Triple w/ 1 1/8 Clamps

I bought a used WR kickstand as a spare replacement for my bike, it is in excellent condition. However, upon closer inspection, the stock length was modified and the foot re-welded back on. This stock kickstand is about 3" shorter.

If anyone has lowered their bike, this should work for you to offset the drop in bike height.

I also have a nice TAG Metals Top Triple with 1.5" rise, 1 1/8 inch bar clamps. Don't need either anymore.

Looking to sell both to buy some more stuff for my rebuild project.

Let me know if anyone has any questions or is interested.




Price? Might be interested in the Tag clamps.

Price? Might be interested in the Tag clamps.

Hmmmmm. How about $75 shipped to you? BRO are accepted as well.

Edited by Phat Twin

If anyone is interested, make an offer. All ears! :thumbsup:

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