when do new bikes hit the showroom during the year ?

Im looking at buying a 13 450 but if the 14s are gonna be available to buy soon ill just wait cause i hear the yams all new and it should rip.

i believe the bikes come out middle of the year to september maybe....if i was you id wait to get one

used to be after Ponca and Lorettas every year -- so September is spot - on, but now who knows --- i bought my 08 YZF in July '08 and they already had some '09s in at that point--- when there are not many changes, they may roll em out sooner, or conversely they may roll out a model with big changes even later --- the '12 WR450 did not hit until March '12 if i recall

Is it worth waiting for? Im not really TOO partial to any brand, i have a yz125 and a kawasaki kx250 and used to have an rm85. The new kx450f is sick but the new yamaha is drool worthy.

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