Anyone have a 5.4 rear spring?

Has anyone taken off thier 5.4 and put on a different spring? I am interested in getting 5.4 Let me know?



I have a new 5.4 that came out of my 2000 YZ250. If they are the same...I'd give it to ya. The spring has less than hours one it. Let me know OK?

I have one as well. In fact I have a two sets of fork springs (.45 ad .47) that I no longer need.

If anybody needs any of this stuff, let me know.


I have a 5.4 also

Dang there sure is alot of fat guys in this forumn...... :)

Kirtwell or Davej, I would love to have the spring, are you serious about giving it to me? That would be great!!! :) Send me a private message and we'll work it out. Oh I have to go, gotta get down to that new Krispy Kream donut shop they just opened. :D


[ November 19, 2001: Message edited by: Jason Williams ]

Hey Dave, could you email me regarding the fork springs.

Thanks, Jason

Whoops, meant to say .43 and .45.

Sorry about that guys.

Kirtwell, or Yamimoto, If you are still serious about getting rid of your spring let me know.

Jason W

Sure if you pay for the shipping.

how much do you want for them .43's Dave?..


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