What a RTC clutch lever is

Everyone keeps asking what a RTC lever is. It is a Honda lever that a guy in Oklahoma takes and changes the pull on it. It is very trick and looks like it come on the bike and not like some aftermarket lever. It makes your lever pull VERY easy to pull. The lever takes a honda clutch purch. To get one, contact Honda of Tulsa in Tulsa, Ok. BUY ONE, YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

Is it a Honda lever with the cable end hole drilled closer to the pivot? Thats been the garage fix for many hard pull clutches on my bikes. Just like the MSR Raptor but with a real lever instead of the one it comes with.

Yes F-Polit, that is just what it is. It is milled out real good. It is pretty trick. I have put one on every bike I have owned and they work great. Chris

Do you notice any lack of disengagement because it's not pulling the cable as far?

No sirthumpalot, The only thing I noticed is that I dont run quite as much slack in my lever as with a normally do. The lever works great.

Do you know what they cost? I might get one shipped to me and ditch the Raptor. I recently went back to the stock setup and hate the stiff pull.

I don't know for sure. I have not ordered one for awhile. They are good levers, so they don't break, so they last a long time. I think they were around $30.00. Let us know what you think about it. If I can help you in any way let me know. My E-Mail is candlkirk2000@yahoo.com.

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