WR450 Spark Plug?

Trying to be prepared . . .

I bought two spare plugs for my WR450.

I then was told by a WR426 owner that a standard plug sockect wouldn't fit all the way down into the head.

My dealer gave me a plug socket that will probably work (thin walled) but then I got to the real problem.

I can get the spark plug cap/coil to lift fully out of the head.

It hits the frame before I get the needed clearance.

Can that plug cap/coil be seperated into two pieces?

Is there something simple I am missing here?

What a poor design!

Hopefully I won't need to replace a plug (especially on the trail) except a couple times a year for maintenance. I NEVER fouled a plug on my XR600s in over 12 years of riding them . . . but I always had a couple spares and the tools necessary to change it just in case!

You have to pull it off and bend it away from the frame as you lift up. It is snug but it does come off. :)


I'll try again this afternoon.

I just hate to apply too much force if not necessary.

It does come out but with a little more force than I'd like especially since it is an expensive little item. And a standard Craftsman spark plug socket with a small extension will reach and remove the plug.

Not a problem! Just gotta tug and wiggle a little to get it out! :)

I had trouble getting my plug/coil cap out too.IT DOES COME OUT , but it's a tight fit.As for getting the plug undone the socket supplied from yamaha works a treat,Just hope i dont have to do it on the trail.

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