Ruined Radiator

Sorry to hear about the crash.

I have had good luck w/Applied top triple clamp and Pro-Taper handle bars. The clamp allows for quite abit more adjustability (farther forward + higher if you go w/the 5mm or 10mm higher clamps) & the bars are generally bulletproof. "If you bend Pro-Tapers you def crashed way beyond the norm."

Regarding the radiator, if you are buying a new one try Tracey's Yamaha Parts warehouse 1-800-860-0686. Their prices are generally much better than the local dealers even including the shipping. I also heard that had good yammy prices. Once he gets the new rad, tell him to invest in some rad braces or guards. Works Connection ($50) work good for moto & I think DeVol and ZipTy Racing offer more enduro/hs/offroad versions. Cheap insurance if you ask me.

Good Luck!

Go to if your looking for the cheapest price on a new 426 radiator. Last week I high sided while climbing a rocky crevice, and severly wadded my radiator despite the Devol Extreme Radiator guards I had on at the time. I had a local shop fix the leak and straighten the radiator (they did an incredible job, almost looked new), but I began to check prices on a new radiator. I typically use Tracey's Parts & Accesories warehouse as well, so I gave them a call. Tracey's wants $221 + shipping and handling. I checked PartsFish and they are asking $209 and any order over $50 is shipped for free !!! I've never actually ordered from Parts Fish, but you can't beat their deal with a stick !!!

My bro owns a 2001 YZ426 and was taken out by some id ten t on a 250. The damage report is as follows. Handle bars look like a pretzel, and left side radiator is hammered but does not leak (yet).

He is interested in getting an upper triple clamp and oversized bars and he also is going to replace the damaged radiator. Do any of you have experience with any particular manufacturers of Triple clamps? What about the price of a radiator.


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