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Show me your...BETA !

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Start posting and please mr. Moderator pin it !!!!

My 2012 498RR







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I just picked up this 2012 beta 450rr and took it racing the next day. I pulled off a win in the pro class in Berthoud Colorado's hare scramble series.



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Nice bike!

Are those seats still available?

Yes they are. seatconcepts.com. I love that seat!

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Yes they are. seatconcepts.com. I love that seat!

Don't see Beta on there site, you got a part no. Or cross ref. thanks!

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IMG_0028.JPG[attach!ment=60496:IMG_0034.JPG]IMG_0029.JPGIMG_0030.JPG Here's a few pics of my 2013 Beta RS 520 I recieved in october

That is a piece of art!

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    • By nluni0330
      I am selling my California Plated YZ426F. This bike is very rare because there are not many CA plated YZ426F's and it is in great condition. The bike has been garaged and well maintained. The bike was just serviced and completely gone through. White Brothers Exhaust/spark arrester, Pro Taper handle bars, steering stabilizer.

      New kickstand, new graphics, new fenders, new LED headlight and turn signals. Front and rear shocks have been serviced by ESP. The bike starts right up and runs well. I have a desert tank, paddle tire, stator, turn signals and other original parts I will include with this purchase. Title in hand. Best way to reach me is by email. Second best way is by text. $3400 OBO
    • By OscarFox
      PRICE DROP Now $5000!!!
      For sale is my 2015 Beta 350RR. 2734 miles and 120 hours. Just had some top end work done by Sierra BMW and BETA. Fresh air filter and oil. This is an awesome dual sport bike. Or you can strip the lights and turn signals and have a single track weapon, your choice. This bike will do it all. Unfortunately, I've been riding my 2 stroke lately and don't have room or the time to maintain 2 bikes. My loss is your gain! Front tire only has a few rides on it, the rear needs to be changed. Beta's are super reliable and amazing machines that rival KTM and Husky! 

      -Forks revalved by LT-Racing for 210# rider w/gear
      -Mylers oversized radiators and bulletproof radiator guards
      -Folding ARC clutch and brake levers (I have the stock levers as well)
      -3.1 gallon tank. (I also have the stock tank)
      -Seat concepts dual sport seat (also includes the stock seat with guts foam and motoseat seat cover)
      -FMF powercore 4 with silent core/spark arrestor. I've got the stock spark arrestor as well. Racing compliant!
      -Boano racing billet brake pedal with brake tip
      -FJ Fasst co. brake clevis
      -Billet chain blocks
      -upgraded steel oil pump gears- the plastic stock ones are prone to failure
      -Force accessories case saver
      -TMD skid plate (not pictured but will be on the bike)

      Acerbis X-factor handguards
      a few spare plastics pieces
      key switch with plug and play wiring
      extra tubes and rimlocks
      Printed and bound owners manual and service manual
      10mm billet bar risers

      It's a dirt bike so it has some cosmetic damage. Some chipped plastic and scratches on the swingarm. 

      Can send more pictures/info upon request
    • By Mackmechanic
      So I’ve got myself a 2018 300rr. It’s my first two stroke. It maybe just the two stroke part, but with this thing being oil injected I’m not sure. When I fire this thing up cold it smokes like crazy till it warms up a bit. Maude two three minutes. Then clears up and doesn’t really smoke at all? I know the older two strokes smoke a lot but like I said about the oil injection and I thought that cleaned them up a lot?? Anyone else have one? Noticed whether it smokes like crazy at start up?
    • By Colorado dirt bike kidz
      Just had a recent dirt bike accident that has had me in the hospital for 3 weeks+ where I'm writing this. I left the house with a buddy to go for a short ride on street legal dirtbikes (him a KTM 300 2T and me on my DRZ400. My buddy is new to the neighborhood, so I had him follow me to a trail that take you to a giant concrete drainage ditch with sloped walls up each side and the ditch goes on for a few miles.
      Well, i had ridden this spot by myself the day before so i decided to take him down there, so i was wearing my helmet gloves and a pair of leather low top work boots, we got about a mile down the ditch i was riding up and down the sides of the ditch ( about 20ft high ) my buddy past me doing a wheelie, everything was all good having fun so far and i rode up the wall one more time and came back down and i felt my left foot just hit something and get snagged and my foot had that feeling that it took a bad blow and i instantly slow to a stop and look down at my boot it was tore up, so i waved my riding partner to come back knowing i hurt something, so he got back i got off bike and had him put down my kickstand, i went down to the ground and untied my boot to look at my foot because i could feel i might have broke something, sure enough when i took the boot of my sock had a big rip across it, i could see all the ligaments and tendons on the top all exposed and my big toe and the next two after were just hanging there freely flopping around and going numb, i was in shock!
      i wasn't leaving my bike down there or taking a 2000$ ambulance ride, my bike was a kickstart only so i had my buddy kick start it i got back on and i started to ride shifting with my heal, as i rode out i was looking for what i had hit i noticed it was a tree stump about 1ft tall and 8 or 9 inches wide, so i had 6 miles to get home by the half way point i couldn't use my heal it hurt so bad i started reaching down and shifting with my left hand no clutch.
      Well i got the bike home and had my girlfriend take me to the hospital, i knew it was bad but little did i know what i was about to go threw, so the first surgery was metal pins in my toes and about 30 plus stitches, a week later a second surgery to amputate my big toe because i had severed the main artery in the big toe and it lost circulation, well after another 6 days the whole top of the skin started turning black because of more loss of circulation because of the laceration across the whole center of the foot severd alot of blood vessels, so on my 3rd surgery they removed all the black skin including the skin that covered my amputation, and now after just having my 6th surgery they did a skin graft yesterday and a screw to hold sum bone together, im still in the hospital now and thinking about alot, one thing im thinking is that i regret so much leaving the house in work boots because they were not adequate protection, i own actual dirtbike boots and failed to wear them this time and this all most likely would have not happend or at least not been near as bad. So my advice is when you go ride WEAR sum actual dirt bike boots and if you dont own any go buy sum because it could save your toes or whole foot from a serious injury, and yes i knew this but my thinking was, im just going for a little quick ride and man do i regret that. I love riding and could never give it up, as soon as i heal up ill ride again but i will definitely invest in even more gear a be more cautious than i already was. So here are sum pics of the injury so far,
      dont look if you have a weak stomach or dont want to see blood and guts, don't scroll to my next post...