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Start posting and please mr. Moderator pin it !!!!

My 2012 498RR







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I just picked up this 2012 beta 450rr and took it racing the next day. I pulled off a win in the pro class in Berthoud Colorado's hare scramble series.



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Nice bike!

Are those seats still available?

Yes they are. I love that seat!

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Yes they are. I love that seat!

Don't see Beta on there site, you got a part no. Or cross ref. thanks!

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IMG_0028.JPG[attach!ment=60496:IMG_0034.JPG]IMG_0029.JPGIMG_0030.JPG Here's a few pics of my 2013 Beta RS 520 I recieved in october

That is a piece of art!

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      For sale is a BRAND new 2017 solid white 6D ATR-1 helmet.  Size medium.  I had my local shop order one for me thinking that it would fit because I tried one on last year.  I don't think my memory served me well or I tried it on long enough because it doesn't fit my head and a little big.  Just over a month old and only warn 10 minutes in the house.  I can't return it because they ordered it for me.  Shiny and new.
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      I recently fitted my 300rr with Flexx bars and noticed the brake line fitting would rub on the bars.  I was pretty limited in what position I could run my master cylinder.  I did a search on here and found that some people had tweaked the brake line fitting.  Before I ever had a chance to try that I noticed I was getting a very slow leak around the banjo bolt which I assume was from the fitting being pressed up against the bars.  
      I ordered a Core brake line off ebay (listed for 2015 300rr).  The fitting on this brake line is bent a little differently and provides much more clearance.  The line is also custom made to order so you get to choose the color of the different parts of it for a little extra bling.    

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      Preordered my 2018 500-RR-S yesterday! Time to start buying parts! The bike should be at my dealer the first week of September!
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      rear disc guard,
      slave cylinder guard
       rad guards,
      rad hoses,
      3 gallon tank
      Hyde skid plate

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      I am selling my x trainer, it is an amazing bike with smooth power delivery. Almost impossible to stall! It is all stock and original I just added the handguards. It is a 300cc 2 stroke, perfect for a beginner or someone that wants an agile bike for hard enduro/ singletrack riding. Very well maintained only has about 35 hours on it and kept in a climate controlled garage. Only reason I am selling is because I will be getting a more aggressive bike for doing xc racing in Louisiana where they don't have much for technical trails. Please email me with any questions about the bike I will get back as fast as I can. Thanks for looking. Price is $6500. I do not need help selling.
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      Just bought my first beta! So far (99km,6.1hrs) I have no real complaints. Having been a 450 fuel injection rider I am a little new to jetting and carb tuning. Jetting is stock at this point and it seems to run pretty clean. I ride at 5000-8000ft elevation and summer temps are 70-85deg f. Bike has no hesitation and is very smooth, my only concern is the pipe drool that is running down the silencer and dropping onto the swing arm. Is this normal? I'm running my pre mix at 48:1 synthetic mix (which is a little different  than spec at 50:1 but seeing that it is new I wanted to be on the oily side) another question is concerning gearing. Stock is 13-49. I was recommended by the dealer to try12-49 but I don't think I need to go that low. 1st gear is great, but the gap from 1to 2 seems to be a bit too much. I can slip the clutch to help but I wonder if 1-2 teeth more on the rear sprocket would be perfect for this minor gap in gearing. Thanks