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Show me your...BETA !

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1 hour ago, joey330 said:

Great response and thank you for the short videos showing in multiple scenarios.


bike seems to run well down low and at speed. 

couple questions regarding parts transferability...


rims, will husky rims swap over, maybe a spacer swap? 
bokt kits?

anything interconnect? Looks like air filters will.


i need to get my parts list out to sponsors and dealer and I’m not too sure yet what will transfer over and what won’t. 

thanks again, and good riding!

It runs pretty well across the rpm range. The newer motor has more top-end than my '15 300 did, but without any loss on the low end...I'm really happy with this motor.

I couldn't tell you about interchanging parts. I know the sprocket pattern is unique to Beta. I remember something about the Ktm/Husky rims fitting with custom milled spacers, but don't quote me on it. One of the many reasons I've stuck with Beta, is that I have an extra wheelset that I can swap betweeen all the bikes for racing purposes. I run Tubliss on my normal trail riding set-up, but have mousses in the 'race' set up.

I dunno about the air filter. It's not like the previous Beta's or my last Ktm. There is no spring clamp, it pops in using 3 locating pins:


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Picked this up for the wife yesterday. First Beta so you might be seeing me around the Beta forums in the future. I had to test ride it for her, now I need to clean it up to look like new. Hopefully she won’t notice. 




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5 hours ago, flywheels said:

This weekend in desert.



Where did you get those graphics?


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53 minutes ago, KX02 said:

Where did you get those graphics?


This is the place I got it but it's not the most easy to order with all the features I want.


There are these that I'll try next time.




I'll most likely to try Scrubssignz next time.

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