tank graphic install tips

I have my new graphics and i would like to know if there are any secrets to make these things stick the first time...I've cleaned my tank with contact cleaner and the gas has been drained for 24 hours now...I did a search and found several tip like hot water and soap but I wanted to know if there was any new tips....thanks for the help

The latest set on my bike have lasted the longest.

I cleaned the tank very thoroughly with contact cleaner. I put them on dry by taping them in place and starting at the top corner. It was fairly warm weather when I did them so they molded to curves easily. I then let them cure for a couple days before riding.

A couple of things I think are helping are draining the tank after rides and pulling the vent hose up so it will vent out the vapors.

I've never had graphics last long on a tank, usually they bubble up and eventually I get tired of regluing the edges.

Good Luck!

Soak the adhesive side of the graphics with windex, apply graphics to clean tank, use blow drier to heat graphics until pliable, smooth graphics from center outward and force out execess windex while heating with blow drier OR put on dry and be sure its perfect the first time. I prefer the windex method. You can slide the graphics around as much as you want until their positioned perfectly. If you position them wrong dry, its easy to damage the graphics when you peel them off to reposition...those suckers are sticky!!!


Yamaha makes a decal applying gel, that you can pick up at yout local dealer, it has the consistencey of hairgel and makes the positioning of the decal very easy. Simply sqweegee it out and hit it with a heat gun. Don't forget to drain your tank first and let it air out for a couple days and clean the surface with alcohol or something similar.

Ditto flying guitars!

Who's graphics did you buy? Do the tank graphics have all the little holes or just solid stickers? I just installed Ceet graphics on mine (holes in the tank decal) and they specifically said NOT to use water on the tank, apply them dry. Okay on the shrouds, but not on the tank...that's what the holes are for, plus it gives the gas a way to vent past the decal.

If you have graphics that need to be lined up between the tank & shroud (like this http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/escrowdog/vwp?.dir=/2001+WR426&.src=ph&.dnm=Dvc00059.jpg ), I would do the shroud first, then the tank. The bolt holes & precut fit on the shroud give it limited placement. Where the tank you can move around or tilt slightly to line up with the shroud because there is a little more material to tuck under the seat and under the tank slightly.

Go slow, lay everything out dry before hand.

The best way to put on stickers is, take a squirt bottle and mix it 50/50 with water and rubbing alcohol. Spray the tank and put on the stickers. Then get out as much water as you can behind the sticker. Whatever water is left behind sticker the alcohol in the water will evaparate the rest of the water. Hope this helps you. Chris

Flyinguitars got it right. Definitely heat them up with a blow dryer - don't melt them though - you want to heat them just enough to make them pliable. Especially when you're applying graphics to the fenders and those pesky side panels. With a little heat, they'll curve around every curve.



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