New To Me 2004 WR450


Picked up my first dirt bike a couple of days ago, after doing much research the WR450 looked to be the one to fit me best. I've been riding street for over 30 years and road racing for 2 years I thought it was time to experience the dirt. Bike has been uncorked, did baseline maintenance on it including brake pads, still waiting on wheel bearings, do those on all my bikes.

First big ride coming up this Sunday, really looking forward to it, plan to take it easy with some trail riding and maybe a little sand work to get the feel, have an experienced friend going to show me the ropes.

Intent is to plate it in Georgia, looks to be pretty tough but I've got time to work through the BS they'll throw at me.

Did much of my research on this site and ADV, can't thank you guys enough for information provided, hope to be able to contribute once I get some experience on this beast.



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Even though the 04 is fast approaching the 10 year mark they are still a very sweet riding, all around good trail bike.

Congrats on the purchase, and welcome to the dirt side. I ride street as well and usually even manage a few track days a year on my CBR but dirt is where I grew up and always puts a smile on my face.

Welcome! Lots of good info here.

I just bought a plated 2004 WR450 as well. Around 50 hours, really well maintained... couldn't believe it! I heard these bikes are rock solid. Having a blast with it.

Congrats on the new bike.

looks almost identical to my 04 model i have just jumped onto.

I sold a crf450r to get it.

You guys should be able to help with some un corking processes etc, I have a yzf 450 muffler coming on Monday, I am also half way thru taking off some dead weight like the speedo, light, indicator switch etc, and just wondering how to break into the loom to cleanly remove it all, is it quite easy, as I will never be on the road or need the light.

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