Dynatek Ignition/CDI - Power Gain? 05 WR450

Hey All!

I have read threads talking about how this DynaTek Ignition/CDI box can help cure the 'infamous WR stutter'.

I'm posting this thread to ask specifically about the power gains with the advanced timing curves.

Does anyone know if the more aggressive timing curves actually gain power on a bike running pump gas (91 octane here in CA).

I ride/race SuperMoto, so every bit of horespower helps for passing power on the straights!

Thanks in advance!


--Eric in SoCal

04 WR450 SM Conversion

03 DRZ400 S/SM

Yes it does improve 'power' delivery and HP, but not by much.

It improves drive-ability mostly. Much better throttle response.

Seat-of-the-pants would stay it's faster acceleration at all rpms, by 1 hp.

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