First Test On WR

Rode a poker enduro this last Sunday on the '03 WR. A good 10 mile loop with everything from tight woods to a few go fast sections. Alot of rocks and roots. I had 102 miles on the WR going in and 132 at the end of the day. Impression:

1st lap was slow with all the 4-wheelers and young'uns but thats cool, its all for fun.

2nd lap was wide open trail and I did'nt see another bike for the first 3-4 miles. Started riding faster than an old out of shape fart like myself should. This bike feels way light compared to my '94 FE600 but actually is not much lighter. On one particular steep draw filled with dead leaves and loose bowling ball size rocks I felt like a pig on roller skates, no control at all. I never had that problem on my FE600 or KX250. My FE would hook up well and feel stable on any terrain.

3rd lap was still fairly open trail but much slower because I was wore out and gun shy from hitting too many trees with the bars. No handguards yet.

Overall impression: This bike is not quite what I expected but I think I can get used to it. It is still bone stock except that the exhaust plug is removed. I did feel less tired than I would have after riding the FE on the same course.

Any suggestions on making it hook up better? The suspension feels right on the rough fast stuff, but not on the large roots and rocks at low speed. I plan to change the tires, after the stock ones wear out, because I'm cheap.

I also had a fork seal leaking after lap three. I have only bottomed the forks once and that was three weeks ago on a MX track.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trashing this bike just giving my opinion. If there are any other WR riders in Mid-Mo I would like to ride with you some time to compare and help with set-up. Reply back or PM.



I found the sag setting to be way off for me, I'm about 187 pounds. Get that set will help some.


Through away that rear tire!

They suck!

Get a Soft Terrain or intermediate tire . . .

My IRC VE-33 hooks up on EVERYTHING!

Thanks for the tips. I've been riding off and on for many years but this is my first brand new motorcycle. I have a pretty good grasp on jetting and other mods but don't know zip about setting up new suspension.

I also posted on another thread about getting used to the engine noise. I noticed after my ride on Sun. that there appeared to be a new clanking noise. Almost sounded like someone tapping a ceramic mug with a spoon. Anyone else ever heard this?

I'm not sure what you're hearing but if the chain gets a little loose you will hear it banging on the swingarm. I can always tell when it's time to adjust it - sort of like an alarm. :)

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