Got a BRP! WooHoo!

Thanks TT'ers - especially this crowd. I've actuall had the BRP for two months, but the information that I have learned here makes me really glad that I got this bike. :)

I look forward to learning more about this beast - so far it's uncorked, Uni filter, Billet guards, FatBars, oh this toy list will grow I'm sure.

Good for you now get out there and blow some chunks! :)

Hey! Chunks is my dog! :)

Chunk one tire - the first rear is gone after 10 ride days! Don't know if that is good or bad, but I heard that BRPs love to eat rear tires.

i'm on numero 4, in the last 4 months of riding, so yeah id say they like to eat tires, i hear good things about longevity of the terraflex type 2 though. This pig just peels the knobs off whenever you hit something resembling traction, never quits spinning it seems. Oh well, i have determined that the roost is not my problem :).

Congrats!....Wear out the rear tire, but replace the front. A new Dunlop 756 really helped out the idea of turning. :)

I agree that the 756 is great for the front, a lil soft on hard-packed but awesome cornering. I use a Pirelli MT16 w/ a Bridgestone HD tube in the rear. Awesome hookup and great wear. I've got 200 miles on it in the New England area and we have it all up here. No visible signs of wear yet. Not even rounding.. :)

This site is great! I just picked an 03 xr650. I can't wait to get it uncorked. :)

This site is great! I just picked an 03 xr650. I can't wait to get it uncorked. :)

I noticed an Xr400 in your won't hold a candle to the 650 uncorked...Enjoy!

Just got a D756 the other day for the front - thanks for the input.

Seems like I ride this bike like I drive my truck - steer with the throttle! :)

I can already tell a big difference in the 650. I can only imagine what it will be like when uncorked. :)

Hey Big T,

Get that baby uncorked! - I rode mine once stock. Overheated like crazy in the tight trails.

I think that I spent about $30 for the parts. The exhaust was a snap -get a GOOD (read "Milwaukee") hole saw + some oil - it took thirty seconds max to drill it out! My advice is to remove the tip from the pipe and use one of the screw holes to screw the flange onto the top edge of your workbench so the rest hangs over the side. Makes it real easy to contain the oil and free up both hands to hold the drill.

You'll wonder why you even waited to uncork it, once you ride the real BRP, you can never go back!


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