12-13' wr450 stock pipe with performance insert?

Getting ready to pull the trigger on which ever one I get the best deal on (looks like the same bike) and just want to get all the quarks on the bike done up front. Seems the starting/power issue's are cleared up with the purchase of the comp CPU and Programmer but a little uncertain on the pipe. Has anyone just tried using the performance insert for the stock pipe and is there much of a difference? I've owned 2 YZ450's one with White Brothers the other Dr. D's and performance wasn't huge over stock so; honestly don't want to put the money on a pipe unless I had to. My biggest concern is just getting the electric starting dialed in vs power output. Also this being my 1st fuel injection bike, how often does the fuel filter need to changed out?

Yes. I have tried stock insert, performance insert and PC4.

The performance insert gave a modest increase over stock, but nothing to jump up and down about.

In the end you will probably end up with a full slip on like I did. Only complaint with it is the noise.

I can't comment on the insert, but I'd imagine it's not much of an improvement either. I went with FMF Q4 (and GYTR ECU) and it's a big gain over stock. It's definitely louder than stock, but not overly loud.

You cannot compare the YZ pipe with a WR pipe for performance.

The YZ comes from the factory as a fully race ready competition machine and the pipe is unrestricted as such. The WR is completely corked up from the factory to meet overly restrictive noise and pollution standards. Swapping the pipe out on the WR will make a huge difference in power across the whole RPM range where as on the YZ you are basically just moving the power around.

You cannot compare the YZ pipe with a WR pipe for performance.

I figured as much, that's why I had to ask the question. Wasn't sure if once the comp insert was in if it made the pipe more like a stock yz pipe or more just like opening up the pee-shooter tail piece. Anyway, thanks guys for the responses; looks like I'll have to just buy the FMF.

I just picked up a 2012 WR450F my dealer put in the "quite insert" right of the bat to help the bike run at altitude. (I live at 8750'). Because of this I wasn't able to compare the bike to full stock, but the power is there. I just got finished breaking her in. I plan on picking up the comp ECU and Tuner but I imagine I will stick with the stock pipe for a while.

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