Planning a pound the turkey off day at Motogrande mx track in Casa Grande.

Friday Nov. 23rd


$15 ride till you puke (or just get tired)

Sounds great, only one problem I HAVTA WORK!!!!

It's brutal adjusting from Corporate America to a smaller company. Last yr I had two days off for Turkey Day and TWO WEEKS for Christmas!!!!

This yr I get one day EACH!!!!!! YIKES!!!!

Anybody Hiring? :)


I would hire you, but your always breaking the computors :)


Maico clan is heading west to Ocotillo Wells to meet up with our Cal-City riders.

Intothumpin, why don't you get over there for a day ? I would love to roost all over that pretty bike of yours :D

G, I'm planning on about 10 am now due to the cooler weather. We should be there at least until 2-3 pm.

Tim is back and will be there along with a few other friends.

Maybe we'll see you there!


Hey Bob how many riders are gonna be there?

Will the track be prepped? Might be able to leave work around 10am or so and meet you there.

Call me @ 480-688-1570

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