Clutch conundrum

Went to install a Rekluse EXP in my '07 wr450 only to discover that there were 9 friction & 8 drive plates in the basket.According to every manual & oem parts diagrams I can find there should be 8 friction & 7 drive.After several attempts to get the Rekluse to engage with 5 & 5 as per the instructions without any success I tried 6 & 6 which should be for '03 & '04 models & it seems to be engaging fine now.Anybody have any idea whats up with this? Frame is stamped '07 & any other engine parts I have installed for '07 model were a perfect fit!

An aluminum frame is a dead giveaway that it's an '07. As to the clutch plates, I am no help, I have an '04.

Someone changed your clutch to the old style.

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