Adelanto Grand Prix (motocross track ?)

Anyone know the track they use for the Grand prix? Can you ride it before the Grand Prix?


As far as I know the Desert Vipers usually build the track just for that race and you can not ride it before the race, but it's been a while since I've raced that one.

Who is racing it? I am signing up for it...not sure if I am going for it on the xr or crf.

Track is made just prior to the race. You are not supposed to ride on it before the race but it seems lots of people are rolling it just to check it out a day before the race. The track is a small portion of the entire course, the GP sections (straights, desert, S turns) are about 85 percent of the race.

Unless you can double or triple the BRP repeatedly (stamina issue, not skill level issue) go with the CRF. Theres usually 3-4 straightaways that go for a couple miles (if that) but everywhere else the CRF will be more at home-unless you have arms of steel that can tame the BRP on a motorcross track. Most people race more than once there--why not try the BRP in an early Sat AM race, then the CRF later in the day if the BRP was to much--or vice versa...

Unfortunately the BITD Laughlin Hare Scrambles and Adelanto are on the same weekend this year...BITD wanted to much cash from the you wont see factory guys on Saturday, but Sundays big pay out might get em there...

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