Bar and sub mount riser combo, how tall is too tall on '06 450?

I've searched quite a bit but have not seen anyone else with the same bar/sub mount/tank combo I'm contemplating. After 20+ hours on my stock '06 YZ450 I've decided the reason I'm so worn out after a ride is because the stock ergo's are not a good match for me. I'm 6'2" and long in the torso so standing up for any length of time is brutal. I see alot of taller folks on here rave about the Pro Taper Windhams so I've got a set ready to go on now. I'm also moving my Scott's steering dampner over from my WR and just ordered the rubber mounted sub mount kit from Scott's for the stock top tripple clamp. I'm told this sub mount kit will provide approx. 25 mm rise vs. the stock setup. So 1 inch rise in the sub mount kit then at least another inch in the Windhams compared to the stock bar I'm wondering if the cables will be long enough? I 'm also now running an IMS 3.1 gallon fuel tank and wondering if the sub mount kit will work with the IMS tank since they both use the same top mount location? Anyone running a Scott's steering stabilizer with IMS tank on your '06 - '09?

There's got to be lots of taller folks running a similar combo these days... any feedback on this combo is appreciated... Thanks in advance!

I'm 6'2" also. Renthal fat bar Carmichael highs, in the # 3 or 4 alignment position. It looks like a freestyle setup to my vertically challenged friends. But it is so much more comfortable when standing.

What helps as much or more than taller bars is moving them forward. Look for a top clamp that moves the bars forward some. I am 6 3 and when i was running a sub mount damper i found that plus tall bars was a bit too much. Messes up the handling.

The combination of the Windhams, or any similar bar, and the Sub mount will be too tall. The cables are almost certainly too short for the two together. Besides that, that's just too tall for someone 6'2".

OTOH, the Scotts sub mount is compatible with the IMS tank, so you're good there.

Thank you for the feedback guys... I think I will skip the sub mount and go with the original top mount fot the Scott's damper and the Windham bars. This should be a huge improvement over what I'm running now and I won't have to worry about it being too tall or the cables being too short. Thanks again!

Windham bars, the SUB mount and the IMS tank pose no problems with fitment or cables. Whether or not it is to tall foryou is up to opinion. Some guys like the bars really tall and others dont. If you told me you were 5'10 I would say that YES that is probably to tall for you.



Thank you Eric, I spoke with you this morning about this and you got me all fixed up. I appreciate your advise and stellar customer service as usual!

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