Will I be happy with the 2008?


I have had a 2006 yz450 for 6 years now (previously had a 400 and 426). My 06' is in extremely good shape and I love the bike. My quandry is that I have a chance to buy an 08' with less than 20 hours on it (no joke). My bike has not been run hard but probably has around 200 hours on it. I have steered clear of the 08's and 09's as I know in stock form I would not like the engine power like I do my bike (I am 6'1" and 205# and can use the big boost).

My question is, if I get the 08' and put my 06' exhaust on it or say an FMF Q, will it be close to what my 06' engine feel is? I do want a quiet pipe to keep the neighbors happy. I have read the post about simply being able to aquire an 06' CDI box and I do see them on e-bay for around $100, but do I then have to mess with the timing, etc??

I did feel that the 09' I rode a few years back handled better than my 06', but the engine felt more like a 350 than a 450. I feel that if I keep my 06' I should look at a piston and timing chain in the next year or 2 and that costs $ as well. Oh yeah, I think I could get the 08 and sell my 06' for less than $500 difference.

Input and/or opinions would be appreciated.



Any decent exhaust and the '06 CDI will usually fix the common complaints about the low end grunt on the '08.

Thanks for chiming in Grey...I was hoping I'd hear from you. Simply buy an 06 CDI and plug it in? Are timing adjustments, etc needed??



Sounds like a good plan, but why not upgrade to a 2010 or newer?

Don't care for the looks or the ergos of the 10+ models (fat between the knees, etc) and most people I talk to don't like the power delivery of the engine. All low end with virtually no over-rev. I will wait to see what yammie does on their next revision before putting forth any large amount of $ on that new of a bike.


Ok...why noy Honda Suzuki ktm or Kawi?

I haven't tried a 2010 yet but if I don't like it I'll try another brand.

Simply buy an 06 CDI and plug it in? Are timing adjustments, etc needed??

No adjustments possible. That's OK in this case, because none are needed, and it can't be done wrong.

I can say that I enjoy the 08 and this is my first bike. For me it feels pretty good even though I'm 5'8" 155lbs so the bike really don't feel me on it.:D Anyways, the way I look at the power is that it won't wear you out as fast do to the lack of a hard bottom. Just my two cents.

Bought a used low hour '09 last year and with exhaust modifications, the '06 CDI box and a small gearing change on the back, I love my bike. The 08 and 09 are almost identical. Can't really speak of the differences between your 06 and the 09 as I am not that familiar with other models. I will say that I rode it stock for 20 hours (by my newly installed hour meter) before making any changes. The 3 mods mentioned made a big difference in performance. Additionally I slid the fork legs up in the triple clamps 7 mm to help with cornering for the mx riding that I do. Also race sag is pretty important to handling as well.

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