WR-426 Head Light / Number plate wanted

I posted this in the "Parts for Sale" forum but I thought I'd try here too.

I'm trying to do a head-light mod. and I need to get ahold of a WR front number plate. I don't need the light. Just the plate. So... If ya got one in your shop collecting dust I sure could use it.

I tested a halogen single bulb, green-glow, pencil beam light last night as far as how bright it would be and boy did it light up the neighborhood. :) Now the trick will be to get in mounted in the WR number plate.

Thanks for your help.


I broke the lens in mine over the summer and it was $96.00 from yamaha, so I bought an entire light assembly with plate off E-bay. I still have my original plate as well as light bulb socket. $25.00 sound fair? Mark

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