Question about coolant

Hey! When I got my bike (YZ450F -06) it was filled with green coolant, and I didn't know the ratio between water/coolant. Back then it was winter, so I ended up buying a bottle of blue ethylene glycol and flushed out the old coolant and added the new one, mixed it 50/50. And someone said to me that blue coolant and the engine with magnesium and aluminium would somehow interact in a bad way, like eating up the metal, is that true?

No, it isn't. Either ethylene glycol (the common green coolant) or propylene glycol (sometimes blue, sometimes orange, usually labeled as low toxic or non-toxic) are fine. 50/50 is the right mix if using straight coolant with your own water, but distilled water is very much preferred.

The only one you should not use is "Dex-Cool".

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