replacement flywheel cover

Hi all. Ok recently cracked my crankcase cover on my 2004 wr450

Part number is 5tj-15411-10-00 so managed to find a breaker who

Has one off a 2003 model part number 5tj-15411-00-00. And he

Emailed me to say sdc-15tj00 is embossed on the inside of cover.

As I have done a temp repair dont fancy taking cover again incase

It totally breaks. So what im asking is what difference is there between

Cases as they look the same on microfische. Otherwise ill have to buy

A new one from states probably as cheaper over there then in uk.

Dealers here want £130.

Any advice much appreciated. Paul.

The cover from the 2003 can be used, but you will find the hole for the shaft of the starter idler gear is too big.

You will need to install a bushing in order to use the 2003 cover with your 2004 starter clutch.

The yamaha part number of the bushing is 90380-10002-00, it is not expensive, maybe $1.00

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Hi thanks for the reply ive ordered one from the states now £103 all in.

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