first hare scramble

Hey folks, so i entered my first c class hair scramble, it was cool except i got screwed at the beginning i would like some advice on what i could have done different to avoid going down, i went down and my bike stalled and it took for ever to get it running again every one passed me, so i was dead last i did catch up to a couple people. let me know what you think i will upload the rest of the first lap later on.

Don't try to pass a guy that is so obviously out of control. He was spinning like crazy to get up that hill instead of riding the clutch for traction. Looked like his back hit your front right when the guy behind you hit your rear tire. Not much you can do about that except pick a better line. It's your first race, you will get it after a while. You look for the guys that are out of control and stay as far away as possible. The guy on the honda saw what was happening and went way outside and passed everyone, all about line choice, even you can't always predict what is going happen

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