Home made flywheel weight?

Has anyone tried to build their own flywheel weight? I'm thinking of cutting out circle out of half inch steel plate, drilling and tapping a hole in the center the same thread size as my flywheel nut and threading it on there, then I can have it turned down on a lathe if its too thick or heavy? Any input or anyone done anything similar?

I'm sure someone has, and I'm sure someone made it work, but all of the machine work should be done on a lathe to ensure concentricity, as even a slightly out of round FWW will shake the bike apart. Also, IIRC flywheel weights have a male thread and use set screws to lock it down, so using a die to cut threads, and even using 1/2" plate would be difficult.

I built one out of brass

Works great

But like the last guy said you have to do it right or it will really cause problems

I didn't thread it onto the crank

It just slips over (tight fit to center it) then attaches with thru bolts tapped into stock flywheel

Well... Adding weight close to the axis of rotation doesn't as much effect gram for gram than it would if added to the perimeter of the flywheel.

Keep that in mind.

So larger diameter and thinner walled, maybe thicker on the outer edge and tapering toward the middle?

Don't use the weight as a substitute for the nut. You'll spin it off by its own inertia one day.

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