re gearing question

i want to get a little more out of my bike since ive done the 462 would be nice to cruise at 70 comfortably instead of 60-64mph. anything past that right now it sits a little too high in the r's. my trips to palomar mountain every weekend are about 35-40 miles one way down a 55mph hwy. what are you guys running sprocket wise that have a BB or stroker kit and what is the best route? going down say 3 in the back or up 1 in the front? also what speed are you hitting if you wrap 5th out. right now i get about 90-92 mph out of it...

What wheel sizes? 17's? What are your current sprocket sizes?

If you are running the stock SM gearing 15/41 and run a 150/60-17 rear tire:

@ 6500 rpm = 66.7 mph

@ 7000 rpm = 71.8 mph

using 16/41 with the 150/60-17

@ 6500 rpm = 71.2 mph

@ 7000 rpm = 76.6 mph

You have the power to run a taller gear if you want, using 16/39

@ 6500 rpm = 74.8 mph

@ 7000 rpm = 80.6 mph

sweet thanks for the helpful info.yes 17'' rims.... i am running stock gearing and tire sizes . so what ever come on a 2007 drz400 sm. im liking that last gear ratio vs mph

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