Which part do I need?

I had to replace my left side crankcase cover and tried to use old seals that didn't work out. I've got oil trying to seep up through the clutch lifter arm and is it the dust seal or needle bearing that I need to order?

Marvin.put your bike year/model in your sig line.......

If it`s the XR650L then you need only the oil seal,,be carefull not to hurt the needle bearing when removing the seal,,the bearing is kinda fun to pull out and never wears out anyway...here's the part number..

OIL SEAL (12X18X5)



Yes it's a 650l. I didn't see a oil seal. Thanks

Just ordered the part. Thanks so much


put your bike year model in the signature line boss,i can never remember what you are riding... :lol:


Well the part didn't fit because my side cover is for a xr 600 not a xr650l so if anybody needs it will be glad to mail it to you

Anybody know the oil seal part number for a xr600?

OIL SEAL (12X17X2.5)



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