Can I get away with running one cylinder dowel?

I'm missing one dowel between the cylinder and case on my 06 YZ250, can I get away with running just one? My useless local Yamaha dealer doesn't have one.

make one yourself, an old spoke and 4mm long.

Between the case and cylinder may be a bit dodgy but it probbably would work without one.

The 4mm one arnego2 is talking about is probably the one between the head and cylinder.

I wonder if you run the risk of sucking air through the base nut without the dowel?

I did also missing both dowel of the cylinder and both o-ring did not hold out.

I don't think running one dowel only is a good idea, reason being is you could potentially have a mis-alignment when sliding on the cylinder. So your piston/cyl bore is not running on the true centerline of the crank. Granted it's only a tiny mis-alignment , but if it were me, I would just wait and order the correct dowel and ride worry free. That would suck balls if you trashed a top end because of a missing $3 dowel bushing...

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I did also missing both dowel of the cylinder and both o-ring did not hold out.


Oh well, just had to pay $27 to overnight a $1.20 part so I can have this bike running in time for my weekend trip. One word of advice: Don't leave a dowel in your cylinder if you send it off to be bored, even if it is hard to get out. You probably won't get it back. :banghead:

I always keep 2 to 4 new dowels on hand because they can get damaged when taking them in or out. Also corrosion can stick them in like cement. Sucks to have to pay shipping!!

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