Rear Brake Rotor "Hole Measurements"

I recently got some Supermoto wheels with Talon hubs. I have a XR650R and it looks like these wheels were setup for a CRF based on the diameter of the axle holes and possibly the brake rotor holes on the Hub as well, which leads me to my cry for help. :(

Can someone PLEASE measure the distances on your CRF's Rear Brake Rotor from hole-to-hole all the way around and let me know what they are? I already ordered the wrong rotor once and I am desperately trying to get it right.

Thank you to anyone who can help.

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Anyone please? 2min of your time....grab a ruler or tape measure and just measure center to center....that's all I need. I searched and searched on-line for the measurements without success.


Hello, Looks like 100mm from center to center of each bolt measured around the perimeter not straight across.


Thank you for taking the time to help me out. Much appreciated!

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