Hey Guys I need Help Deciding (going to trade for a bike)

Without me giving a lot of detail I want to ask for opinions from you folks...

What I have is a Rail Buggy (over 8 K in parts not including the fabrication) built for trails (can give specs)

what I have to trade for:


#1 2012 YZ450F all stock (white one)

#2 2008 YZ450F all stock but has boot (1500 cash, some motocross boots, and might include a pressure washer)

Has new tire and chain

Now can you folks help me see with an unclouded judgment as to which one is better for trade?

Me and my buddy are going to pick up trail riding, no motocross... I am 41 now ( :( ). I have had several motocross bikes... So I am not looking to race (other than spirited runs with my buddy).





Depends on the number of hours and maintenance. I have seen guys ruin a bike in a weekend. I have also seen bikes 20 years old that were factory fresh they were so well taken care of.

Not sure why you want a MX race bike for trail riding though. A WR or even a tamer, more durable trail bike would make more sense, IMHO.

As far as the trades go, that is a value judgement you have to make, based on the honest fair value of your rail and the fair market vaule of the bike you choose.

I have never had anything other than a MX bike... will the WR pull the same, and have power band snap to it?

I have never had anything other than a MX bike... will the WR pull the same, and have power band snap to it?

No trail bike will match the power of a 450. I just don't think it's possible. But I do agree, something like a WR or one of the trail style KTM's would make you good bike. A LOT more reliable. They will go for years. MX bikes require a lot more attention.

A WR makes pretty near MX bike power and you can just uncork it. If you go that route the gear box and suspension will be miles ahead in the woods then any MX bike. A KTM 2 stroke is also another awesome woods bike, a 300 will eat a 450 mx bike in the woods.

Eh, buddy, why do you want a 450 MX bike for trail riding when you already have a bunch of MX bikes? Why not ride the bikes you already have? Unless your idea of trail riding and my idea of trail riding are worlds apart.

I'd go with the 08... The 2012 is fuel injected and I still haven't decided if I like it or not... (It would take a weeks worth of riding for me to decide) the 08's are carbureted very nicely which I like, and plus the guy is giving cash to boot... You would have to really give it a run through to make sure it hasn't been abused tho... But both bikes have awesome bodies so it may be time for a test ride?

If you do trade get the 2012. People who havent spent time on a fi bike dont realize how nice it is. I will never own another carbed 4 stroke.

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I am going to take the 2008, for the deal its the best one on value, I feel like its a fair trade as where the other one... Even though the bike was newer it was worth less over all in value.

So no I am trying to research what to do to make it a better trail bike. I have read many things from fly wheel weights to bigger back sprocket all well understood ( not my first bike nor will it be the first mx bike I use for trail ) that being said I am wondering if someone has converted a 2008 yz450f already and has a good formula for its weakness in the trails...

Please point me to anything you think will help.

And thanks

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