xr650r cylinder - steel vs nikasil

So the stock cylinder isnt coated, has anyone got any good feedback as is to if they have had their 650R cylinder done??? maybe in an overbore kit or anything??? trying to get all my info straight and ready for when ima get work done. got everything in head figured out so need to just get cylinder ready. I have to have the stock cylinder bored out to 101mm as it needs it so gotta plan top end kit around this.


all I can say is I wish I would of gone nicasil on my 88 xr6 cylinder...

good luck!

It wasn't a XR650!

I just replaced the sleeve on my XL6. Went back with plain iron.

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Im pretty sure the 650r cyinder is nikasil plated

i asked and was told it was stock steel, did some researching and it sure does seem that stock is a nikasil coated cylinder, and it can be bored over to 102.4mm and re-coated. I had contacted Millenium about the cost and its a bit, but worth it i guess if your doing a one time rebuild and want it done correctly to start. Thanks for getting me to do more research,ive surely done enough lately and my heads been spinning on stuff i keep thinking about LOL


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hi, ive had a 102mm ov/size sleeve [steel]fitted to my brp, its probably just as costly as gettin it re nikasil coated after boring sleeve, plus its hard to fit the rings with the sleeve, only benefit is its now easier to bore it out bigger

yup the onlu benefit is you can rerring bore however many times you want

the reason I said I wish I went nicasil is because for other teardown reasons I have had to buy 2 more piston kits than I needed because it was cheaper to get a piston kit than simply buying oem rings for honda...

the advantage of nicasil is cooler, smoother running, less resistance and more even temps, all which in the end contriubute to better performance, having said this youd have to be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal savvy to notice a difference while riding...

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