Which 450 for desert?

I've ridden bikes and quads. I loved my TRX450R and wish I had never gotten rid of it. I'm probably going back to quads soon. I've ridden Honda always, but I like the KFX's too. I ride desert. Which one though? The TRX or KFX? Thanks guys!

The Kfx has the most problems. Not trying to start arguments here. The trx has the least stock hp. Ltr-450 good bike I really like the suspention for being stock it feels really good. Yfz has the most power stock wise.

None. Banshee's rule the dunes, always have and always will.

None. Banshee's rule the dunes, always have and always will.

LOL, NOT! Are we back in 1991?

LOL, NOT! Are we back in 1991?

Okay, so tell me, what bike is faster in the dunes then a modded banshee? Nothing, that's what. No 450 can ever touch a modded banshee and in order to even come close you have to put thousands into a motor that will hardly ever run anymore because it'll be so high strung. Please tell me what runs with banshee motors that are done right. Tell me what 450 can "easily" put out horsepower in the low 70's and still hold together because as far as I'm concerned, none can. I went that route and failed, so unless we're talking Quadzillas, nothing can run with a banshee in the dunes. On the track? That's like comparing a 70's blown big block muscle car with a GTR.

I'm with these guys. My banshee is faster than anything in the dirt. Even sand rails shiver in the plight of my banshee. So people think she's a dinosaur. Very few have the balls to ride a T. rex. Get it on

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