How to remove fuel screw

Hello I'm putting on the R&D flexjet on my 2012 Aussie E with fcr 39 I can't remove original screw, I have undone it but it won't come out ?

If the screw is stuck, you may have to remove the float bowl. The hole the screw sits in is a tiny bit smaller than the oring on the screw, this can cause the stock screw to be stuck. You would be wise to remove the carb to do this but if you are compelled to do it on the bike, place a towel over the engine under the carb in case anything falls out to catch it.

Ok is that the 12mm? Screw right next to it ?


You fully loosened the fuel screw, and it did not fall out of the float bowl passage. It got stuck, probably on the oring. So you must remove the float bowl to get at it. There really is not enough room under the carb to get at it with heedle nose pliers. The cap (17mm) next to it is for access to the main jet and pilot jet.

It was never going to come out !image.jpg

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I run a 1/4" sharp/new drill bit through float bowls, very, very carefully then burnish the resulting hole nice and smooth.

It was never going to come out !image.jpg

Very common.. many of the Mikuni carbs for the DRZ are like that i get my hands on. The hole in the float bowl for the needle is too small to allow the threaded portion of the needle to pass through. I don't believe it is a design intention, just a product of manufacturing.

Like william, after the first time the bowl comes off, a drill bit gets run through the opening to clean up casting flash and the parting line.... never an issue again.

I just had the same issue on fcr 39. I did not take carb out as recommended. If I was to do it again (pull the float bowl to drill out for R&D) I would STRONGLY recommend just pulling the carb completely out. Loosing a little o-ring and a washer off of the fuel screw will ruin your day. Good thing R&D comes with a new ones. As the saying goes....."take ten minutes to save an hour". It will be worth your time.

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